Nihan Öztürk

  • Basi® Pilates CTTC Trainerin
  • Personaltrainer
  • Post- und Prenatal Pilates Trainerin
  • Certified Basketball Coach

I started to play basketball at my early ages as licensed basketball player and played many years, beside that fitness and running were always in my life. I met with pilates in 2005 with mat classes, then I started taking equipment pilates classes on the reccommendation of my instructor at that time. I performed pilates regularly and actively since then ,also participated  in long distance runs until I became mother in 2013. After becoming a mother, I first had my basketball coaching certificate and then completed Basi Pilates Comphrensive training and opened my own studio in Istanbul. I joined several other workshops within Basi Pilates such as Hip Joint exploration, streching for strengthening. I also participated a special training for foam roller. Beside Basi Pilates, I participated a pilates mat training with Micheal King in person. Also I got a Medical Pilates training covering shoulder mechanics, lower and upper body injuries by Seratonin Academy. These trainings enabled me to see other methods and have different perspectives. I moved to Stuttgart in 2019, and I continue my Pilates career here.